How I Make Iced Coffee

Iced coffee has become ubiquitous. Even McDonalds sells it. There are a number of ways to make iced coffee. Most of them suck.

A common approach is to save left over coffee from the morning and put it in the fridge to be consumed later.  This is terrible. It can be better than what you get at a drive-thru if you are starting with decent fresh roasted coffee, a good brewing process, add some sort of dairy and sugar and don't put ice in it.  The ice waters the coffee down too much as it melts.

Another method which yields something a little better is called cold brewing.  Cold brewing is a process where you add room temperature water to ground coffee and let it sit for 12 hours.  The resulting coffee beverage has a low acid but I don't like some of the funky off flavors.  Some people really like it.  It has become popular with a number of the big name coffee houses and roasters.

Here's how I do it.  This recipe will make about 50 oz of iced coffee.  That is what your standard house hold drip coffee maker will produce (10 cup coffee maker makes 10- 5 oz cups of coffee).  

The method: Make a half batch of coffee but use the full dose of ground coffee to make it. Pour that over ice and you get iced coffee that isn't dilute and doesn't have off flavors from sitting around in your carafe or the syrupy flavors of cold brew.  You can do this with whatever type of coffee brewer you have just remember: Regular amount of ground coffee beans- half the brewing water and pour the result over ice to dilute. 

1. Measure your coffee.  If you have a coffee scoop that's about 10 scoops of coffee.  (One scoop per cup) (70 grams total) 

2. Measure your water. (The 5 cup mark on your standard home coffee maker)  (600 grams of water)

3. Fill the carafe/pot that you are brewing into with ice.  Fill it right up to the top.  I've found that the ice filled to the rim of the pot weighs the same as half the vessel's volume in water. (600 grams of ice) 

4. Follow your standard brewing procedure.  The coffee will drip right onto the ice. When the brew is done, give a good stir.  Most of the ice will be melted.  The coffee will be the perfect drinking temperature and delicious without off flavors from sitting around.

I put a little whole cream and simple syrup in mine.  Very easy, fast and a great result.