Total Confusion 2015

I'll be DMing four Swords and Wizardry Games at Total Confusion in Mansfield, Massachusetts. February 21st and 22nd.  I'll be there on Thursday evening through Sunday. If you are close by, it's a good con to check out.  It is a good con for board games and RPG's.  Several well known old school designers will be in attendance including Jeff Talanian, Frank Mentzer, Tim Kask, Mike Curtis and James Carpio.  I plan on taking a trip to Newton for a cup of coffee at George Howell's cafe while I'm relatively close by. Probably on Friday morning is when that will happen if anyone else wants to come along or meet up there.  Pre-Registration for the con should be opening any time now. Here is a link to the events.  

Here are the blurbs for the games I'll be running.  All of my games are listed in the "Old School" events and are for Swords and Wizardry Complete with the exception of Sunday morning. I'm running a 2 hour B/X game for the kiddies. 

The Short Cut  Saturday 10AM-12PM

Are you sure we took the correct fork in the road?  I remember yes yes. The short cut that tinker told us about doesn’t seem like much of a short cut. Let’s just walk toward Klienstadt as the dragon flies.  This road is much to curvy to be much of a short cut. I know the tinker said we should stay on the road.  Yes yes. Look, you’re the ranger, you should be able to figure out which direction...  What was that sound? 

Tybalt’s Mansion  Saturday 1-5 PM

The thieves guild master has a job for you. He will provide you with a detailed map of the mansion of an infamous and fabulously wealthy wizard named Tybalt. The guild's client wants you to steal the wizard’s most prized possession whilst Tybalt is away on his annual trip to collect rare curiosities in foreign lands. Your employer will pay a handsome sum for the object, if you can get it.  

Death to Yxit  Saturday 7-11 PM

You awake. You feel like you’ve been hit in the head, but from the inside. Your vision is blurry and your friends lie on the passage floor near you. All are in a state of confusion.You look up. You see a strange humanoid with an enormous oblong cranium. You hear its words and yet its lips do not move. It has a problem for you to solve. You will solve this problem or it will eat you.

Siege of Klienstadt Sunday 1-5 PM

A terrible plague has swept the kingdom killing at least half the peasants and a great many of the baron’s household. Klienstadt suffered greatly from the pestilence.  Seeing an opportunity, the forces of Chaos are laying siege on the city. You are trapped in Klienstadt as dark creatures emerge from the forest, do you stay and fight along side the doomed citizens or do you attempt an escape? Your chances are grim either way.